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☆恋愛未満 3rd Full Album ついに完成!!  

タイトル【Life is a celebration】

 品番 NS-1003 全13曲入り 税込¥2,500










☆4月1日(土)・2日(日)の二日間東京国際フォーラムで開催する、ガールズイベント 超私的リアル体験フェス SUPER C CHANNELのPR大使『SUPER C CHANNELアンバサダー』に任命されました!!


 ☆いま話題の[女子のための動画ファッションマガジン C CHANNEL]恋愛未満Yuchaが公式クリッパーに!!



 ☆Pitch FM 83.8で恋愛未満の冠番組Pitch DOUBLE DECKERプログラム『恋愛未満のMore than Radio』大好評放送中!!



恋愛未満 初のホールワンマンコンサート2016 ~聖なる日みんなで集まれTEAM恋愛未満~


【会場】名古屋市 今池ガスホール


☆ロンドンで行われた英国最大のクールジャパンイベント「HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016」へ2年連続の出演!!

Less than Love is a music project started in 2011, featuring singer and guitarist Yukari Inada (nicknamed Yucha) as the star of the show! Yucha performs in J-Pop concerts all over Japan, either as a solo artist, alongside a DJ, or else as the lead vocalist in bands whose sounds range from ska to pop-rock. She has recently gained a reputation overseas as well, after appearing at Taiwan’s Spring Scream Festival and touring around East Asia.

The project’s title: “Less than Love” reflects Yucha’s hope that everyone involved in her music, from the fans to her fellow performers, will have a strong relationship with each other that is more than friendship, but not quite love! It also refers to Yucha’s wish that her fans feel their hearts beat faster when listening to her music, in the same way that they might feel excitement at the start of a blossoming romance.

Less than Love’s melodies are largely upbeat, with a delightful dash of wistfulness and fantasy brought in through the lyrics, which are written by Yucha herself. It’s hard not to fall in love with her feel-good tunes, especially since Yucha always delivers them with enviable flair, as well as a winning smile! After a series of successful concerts in Japan and Asia, will Less than Love set our hearts racing here in London? Head over to our Festival Stage to find out, and support this unique and talented act! If you can’t wait until then, you can browse her full selection of music available on the iTunes store!

Check out the following video for a preview of Less than Love’s catchy melodies.